Amplified Nation "Dirty Mayor" - Two Rock John Mayer Clone


Amplified Nation "Dirty Mayor" - Two Rock John Mayer Clone


the "Dirty Mayor" has been our most popular amplifiers. This single channel design was borrowed from a limited edition amplifier built in 2008. We had the pleasure of spending a few months with an original ‘JM signature’ model, and captured not only the electronics of the amp, but also the sonic nuances and tonal characteristics. We completely reverse engineered the amp and created our own replica version.

The Dirty Mayor has big “Fender Blackface” clean tones, with a bit more midrange, which gives the amp more bite. It stays mostly clean all the way up the volume knob, but it will breakup at some of the higher settings. It has three selectable EQ boosts, allowing the player to select more treble, mids, or bass frequency. When pushed with the mid boost on, you can get a sweet blues crunch with higher output pickups, and even some controlled feedback while remaining “clean” The amp has an incredibly lush three-tube reverb that make the beautiful clean tones even better. Because of its high headroom, the Wonderland also makes a great pedal platform.

The main addition to the John Mayer Two Rock signature is a Lead Boost switch


  • Available in 50 or 100w
  • Single clean channel powered by 6L6 tubes
  • 3-tube reverb
  • Passive effects loop
  • 4/8/16 ohm taps
  • Available in black, silver, or blue anodized face
  • Choice of tolex, carbon fiber, or suede cabinet
  • Size: 21″ W x 12″ T x 10″ D
  • Weight: 38-46lb

Head only, cabinet available upon request for additional charge 

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