JHS Prestige Buffer/Booster

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With the plethora of effects available these days it's no surprise buffer effect pedals have become a new craze. While not glamorous or poetic by nature, these buffer pedals have a very important role to provide the base tone of your guitar as it runs through several pedals and produces high end signal lost. Today I am going to talk about a buffer pedal that I am rather excited about the JHS Prestige. It comes in a nice efficient micro package similar to other JHS pedals and also similar to other buffer pedals such as those produced by Mooer. I have owned a JHS Little Foot Fuzz pedal and was very impressed with the saturating analog fuzz tone produced which almost had a close resemblance to an overdrive effect. When the pedal is engaged with the knob at 0 the Prestige produces a clean volume boost similar to a Keeley Katana although when dimed will give you a result of approximately 27 decibels. and set it anywhere in between for great lead boost tones bordering on overdrive.